Purchasing clothes, fabrics of manufacturers, garment companies.

BUSINESS BONDS ASSETS support Vietnamese textile manufacturers to minimize losses in being rejected by distributors, lock codes without entering goods. By concrete action, we provide 24 / 24h translation of all clothes, fabrics, top sheets and rags.

The manufacturer when offering our products needs detailed information: goods images, quantity, unit price, delivery address.

We pay 100% to customers after finishing the shipment. If you need to transfer, we will transfer money to you. Full payment.

Specialization in each department, high accountability, serious, careful, honest work will surely satisfy you.

Hopefully, with timely and financial support, we will help businesses overcome difficulties, restructure products, find new distributors suitable for the market segment.

Please contact us for all inquiries:


Hotline: 0944 059 703 (Call, Zalo)

Mail: traiphieu.com@gmail.com

Website: https://traiphieu.com/

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